Posted on: 05.11.14

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks – Revenge of the Nerds!

You may have heard us mention a thing called a Distributed Denial of Service attack, or DDoS before.

Unfortunately in this internet connected age these attacks are becoming more and more common, not even the big boys are safe.

So, what exactly is a DDoS attack?

In very simple terms it is when someone’s connection is flooded with massive amounts of useless traffic in an effort to cause serious congestion and bring a network to a grinding halt. 

Scary? Not so much.

Annoying? Very… 

Here at Uber we do all we can to minimise the effect that these attacks have on our customer’s user experience. In fact, in the uncommon event that one of our connections is the target of an attack most of the time you guys won’t even notice thanks to early warning systems and the super swift action of our awesome techs who isolate the traffic and bring everything back to normal!

So how does someone end up being the target of a DDoS attack?

Believe it or not, the most common cause for someone becoming the target of a DDoS attack usually relates to cheating or being beaten in the world of online gaming.

If you want to learn more about these annoying attacks have a look at the link below.

It even includes a really cool map that shows live DDoS stats including how much bandwidth the attacks are using, as well as the source and destination countries.