Fibre broadband

Fibre optic uses light instead of electrical signals or radio waves to transmit information, which means it can transmit huge amounts of data very fast, over vast distances.

  • Uber Group is an accredited reseller for Northpower Fibre.
  • The rollout of fibre broadband continues across urban areas in Northland and more people can receive this service every day. Check if fibre is available to your home or business.
  • Plans start at speeds of at least twice normal broadband and go to 200 megabits/sec download and upload.
  • One free phone line is included in your package – check our phone page for some limitations with our (VoIP) phones you need to be aware of.
  • No special equipment needed, although if you want a wifi router, you will need to have your own – which we will configure to work optimally with our service, free of charge.
  • If fibre is available in your street all that’s needed to connect you up is for Northpower Fibre to install and configure their equipment. This can sometimes be done in a few days but may take several weeks if you are in an underground services area or a right of way / multi dwelling unit situation.  Once Northpower Fibre have let us know the equipment is installed, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • Uber’s high end technology means that in the unlikely event of a problem, we have often fixed it before you are even aware of it.
  • We are 100% locally owned and operated.