The best broadband in Northland - Available only from Uber!

Uber Group provides up to 20mbps / 6 mbps wireless broadband in Northland's rural areas

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Uber broadband customers enjoy speed and reliability, competitive monthly pricing and installation fees, and high end technology which minimises faults calls. We are a 100% privately owned Northland company staffed by locals and based in Whangarei. The high-end technology we use means that in almost all cases, we’re aware of a fault before a customer notices it, and often resolve it without the customer even being aware. We have built our own wireless network over the last 15 years, opening up rugged, previously underserved communities in Northland’s rural areas to high-speed, reliable internet. We cover around 80% of the land area of Northland, from Wellsford up to Te Kao in the north. Our wireless service gives stable, 20Mbps download /6Mbps upload speed internet to rural homes and businesses with optional phone services including free local calling and cost-effective national and international calling rates.