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If you have any queries, questions or just want to talk to someone in Whangarei, come in and see us - 53 Port Road, or you could give us a call - 09 438 5472, or perhaps send us an email.

Unlike other telecommunication companies, we speak your language, and can chat about rugby and Northland’s weather while we answer your questions.

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Q: How can I manage my services?


You can view your current broadband usage, change your broadband plan, add/change/remove voicemail, view your phone account, change your card details, pay your bill and purchase extra data by visiting https://my.uber.nz

If you haven’t set up a log on for https://my.uber.nz already; please follow the steps below. Please note: you must be at home on your Uber connection to set up my.uber for the first time – you can’t do this remotely.

Step 1: Open this link.
Step 2: Click on the button ‘Activate my.uber’, enter your email address and click ‘Activate Account’.

You’ll receive an email from us with a link: click the link and enter your login name (quick tip: your login name is the email address that we email you on) and the password you want to use; repeat the password in the second box.

Step 3: Submit this form, then presto, you’re done!

Q: How do I alter my payment details?

  • We offer only credit card or debit card as a method of payment – our payment systems are fully automated.
  • To change the card you pay with, simply log in to my.uber, click on the ‘Billing’ tab then follow the easy directions. You will be directed to our secure partner Paystation to enter your new card numbers – we don’t see or retain credit / debit card details.
  • If you’re not sure what to do you can call us on 0508 BROADBAND or 09 438 5472 and we’ll help you through the steps.

Q: How do I make my number private (hide Caller-ID)?


Caller-ID is enabled by default when you first take our phone service.

To change how your number (Caller-ID) is displayed:

  • Dial *67 to stop showing your number.
  • Dial *68 to start showing your number again.


Q: How do I use Voicemail?


You can add or remove voicemail, change your pin, change the length of ring time before voicemail kicks in, and add and remove calling plans through my.uber.nz

To access your voicemail messages using your Uber Group phone line:

  1. Pick up your phone wait for a dial tone
  2. Dial *97
  3. When prompted, enter your pin number followed by the # key (If you don’t know your pin contact Uber Group and we can reset it for you)
  4. To listen to your messages press 1.

When a message is playing you can press * to rewind 3 seconds, # to fast forward 3 seconds and 0 to pause/resume message playback

During or after message playback you can do the following:

  • Press 5 to repeat the current message.
  • Press 6 to play the next message.
  • Press 7 to delete the current message.

To change your message or pin:

  • To change your pin, at the main menu press 0 then 5, following the prompts.
  • To change your voicemail message, dial 0 then press 1, following the prompts.

To access your voicemail from any other phone dial your phone number, wait for your voicemail message to play then press the * key and enter your pin when prompted

Q: How do I set up Call Forwarding?


To enable Call Forwarding:

  1. Pick up the phone and wait for a dial tone
  2. Dial the Code that relates to the call forwarding type you want to enable (see below)
  3. Wait till you hear a higher pitched dial tone
  4. Dial the number you want the calls forwarded to
  5. Wait for the double beep,
  6. Hang up.

You will now hear a series of 6 beeps when you pick up the phone to make calls. These beeps remind you that call forward is active.

To disable Call Forwarding:

  1. Pick up the phone and wait for a dial tone
  2. Dial the Code that relates to the call forwarding type you want to disable (see below)
  3. Wait, you will hear the normal dial tone
  4. Call forwarding is deactivated.


Call forwarding type

Forward all calls

Forward calls only when on the phone

Forward calls only when not answered









Q: How do I answer using 'Call Waiting'?


Most modern handsets can handle call waiting just fine. When on a call, if you hear an occasional beep it means a call is waiting. To answer it, locate the ‘flash’ or ‘talk’ button your phone, and press it. This will put your current call on hold so you can answer the second call. If that doesnt work you will need to consult your telephone handset manual for complete instructions. If you don’t have a manual you may need to research your particular telephone handset on Google for instructions.

Q: What are your Terms and Conditions?

Q: Email settings


If you have an email address with a provider such as Spark (eg you@xtra.co.nz) or Farmside (us@farmside.co.nz) you will need to contact the company that provided your email address to get the correct settings you need to put into your email program. If you have previously used one of these companies for your internet and email you won’t be able to copy the same settings across directly.

If you don’t have an email address or you want or need to change your email address, we recommend Google’s Gmail service as it is free, secure and offers many useful features. You don’t need any other email software if you use Gmail, although you can use a gmail email address with other software if you want to. This is a little more complex to set up and we are happy to provide contact details for computer support firms who can help you.

Some of our existing customers may still have an @ubernet.co.nz email address (we no longer provide new @ubernet.co.nz email addresses). If you have an @ubernet.co.nz address and need to set up your email again, please use the guides below.

Windows Mail


Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007



Additional settings:

Outgoing mail server: mail.ubernet.co.nz (only valid for customers with an @ubernet.co.nz email address)

Please use your full email address for your username, eg example@ubernet.co.nz

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Q: What are my calling rates


To see rates for all destinations, click here.