Wireless Broadband

Uber Group’s wireless broadband uses radio signals from our own network of over 150 transmission sites in Northland

  • Uber wireless broadband covers around 80% of rural Northland, from Te Kao in the north to Pakiri in the south.
  • Our wireless broadband relies on line of sight from your house or business to one of our transmission sites.
  • We service many hard-to-reach rural areas – check if you have coverage on our signup page.
  • We supply a free wifi router (suitable for an average sized house) with a standard installation.
  • One free digital phone line is included in your package – but do check our phone page for some limitations with digital (VoIP) phones you may need to be aware of.
  • Interested in going ahead? First check your home or business to get an indication of whether we can get a signal to you. If you’re keen to sign up, we’ll check to make sure things are looking good for your service, and they are we’ll get some paperwork out to you.  Once you’ve completed it and sent it back to us, a technician will visit to install a small antenna on your roof (you will need to be home or to have someone at your house to provide access).
  • Uber’s high end technology means that in the unlikely event of a problem, we have often fixed it before you are even aware of it.
  • We are 100% locally owned and operated.

What kind of speeds can I expect?

We aim for peak speeds of 50 Mbps although this can be affected by factors such as congestion, obstacles that come into the line of sight like trees or new buildings, as well as the number of users on your connection and any traffic management we might apply. We do our best to ensure you receive the highest speed possible.