Uber Group - local and loving it!

Uber Group is proudly Northland owned and operated. We started in 2003 and launched our wireless broadband services to remote Northland communities three years later. We supply both wireless and fibre broadband (including phone) to nearly 3,000 residential and business customers in Northland. Customers love us for our speed and reliability, high data caps, competitive pricing, high end technology and best of all - we're locals just like you.

Wireless broadband

Uber owns and runs its own wireless network, which opened the way for high-speed, reliable internet services through the rugged, previously under-served communities of Northland’s rural areas where larger telecommunication companies had been unable or unwilling to connect their services.  The wireless network now covers around 80% of the land area of Northland, from Snells Beach and Warkworth right up to Te Kao in the north, from over 150 transmission sites.

Fibre broadband

In March 2011, Uber Group began offering ultrafast fibre broadband (UFB) services from Northpower Fibre and specialises in consistent, high quality fibre services for business and residential customers in Whangarei.

Phone services

A digital phone line is offered free as part of Uber’s wireless and fibre plans with free local calling. Cost-effective national and international calling rates apply and unlimited calling plans are available.

Not the taxi company

To remove any doubt, Uber Group provides broadband, not taxi rides.  We have no connection at all with Uber Taxi.