Posted on: 23.10.14

Summer’s coming – but it may not be good news for some of your kit

Longer evenings are here, summer holidays are just around the corner – the heat’s coming on! But while this is great news for us, it’s not so great for your broadband and computer kit if it’s in a place where getting toasty is highly likely.

At this time of year and through the summer we know that a lot of gear suffers from heatstroke so in the interests of keeping everything running as it should, a quick check is a must.

Take a look where your wireless access point (router), phone adapter, computer and phone are located. If they are in the sun or near a window, that’s definitely not good, and you’ll need to move them. Check how much space there is between each item – if they are close together, on top of one another or in a confined space where heat can build up – or in a roof – then you’re likely to have problems. Moving things around before you have an issue is the best way to go, but do mark any cords you disconnect so you can make sure you plug everything back as it should be!  And as always, give us a call if you’re unsure.