Posted on: 29.05.17

Improved Vodafone mobile coverage at home!

Standing on one leg with your head out the window to get Vodafone mobile coverage at home? Here’s some Uber good news!

Vodafone’s “Sure Signal” will now work with Uber broadband connections. What this means is that if you are a Vodafone mobile customer, you can buy a Sure Signal unit, plug it in to a spare ethernet port on your Uber broadband system, and it will boost the 3G mobile coverage in and around your home or office. You’ll get more bars on your phone, text messages and better call quality for up to 30 metres from your broadband connection.

The units cost around $200 and we understand they support calls and texts only, not data – but customers should check this with Vodafone. We’re not sure if Uber broadband will be compatible with earlier versions of Sure Signal, but they use the same underlying technology so it’s quite possible. For now we’d recommend using a “v3” unit; we know they work flawlessly!

At this point, it’s only Vodafone that offers a compatible service – 2 Degrees and Spark don’t offer a Sure Signal equivalent yet; so this is limited to Vodafone customers.

If you’re not sure which ethernet port to use, or how to connect the Sure Signal to your Uber broadband system, our technical team are happy to help – call 0508 BROADBAND AND press ‘1’ for Technical.